COBRA is a high end Emergency Management Support System,

designed to support operational, tactical and strategic emergency/crisis management.





COBRA is a full suite of tools, modules and add-ons to enable state-of-the-art emergency mangement at all command and co-ordination levels.

COBRA comes as a web based solution with additional fully functional stand-alone client if no internet connection is available.

COBRA is highly user customisable and requires minimal set-up time for the management of ad hoc situations, but it also allows the creation of libraries with emergency plans or pre-planned incident scenarios.

COBRA uses advanced cryptography, complies with Open Standards and specific industry standards, can link with HAZMAT modules, hospital management modules, CAP tools, weather stations, SCADA and many other peripheral systems.

COBRA is available in multiple languages.


COBRA is developed by DGI. CEMAC is their strategic partner as centre of expertise in crisis & emergency management.

COBRA had the most visited booth at the 2015 EU Civil Protection forum.


If you are interested in receiving the documentation that was used during the event, please contact us directly.

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